Key Rules and Regulations

Thinking about registering with The Pokies74? Wait just a second. Before immersing yourself in the world of slots, it's of paramount importance that you comprehend the rules and regulations. In this manual, we'll guide you through all the essentials to ensure a smooth gaming journey.

Proprietorship and Enrollment

Pokies74 represents an online casino service registered and constituted by the legislation of Curacao. The Pokies74 operates under the oversight and regulation of the Curacao Gaming Authority, possessing License No. 1668/JAZ.

Terms and Conditions Relevance

The given terms and conditions are pertinent to the utilization of The Pokies gaming platform on any device with internet access by you, the player. By accessing the website, you consent to these legally enforceable rules and regulations.

Your Consent to the Rules and Regulations

Upon your registration at The Pokies, you pledge to adhere to the terms and conditions. It's crucial to peruse these rules and regulations in full before signing up. If any section of the terms and conditions is not agreeable to you, you ought to cease your usage of the platform immediately.

Non-Professional Usage

You must engage in games purely on a personal level and in a non-professional capacity, purely for the sake of entertainment.

Bonus Provisions

We hold the right to nullify a bonus if the terms and conditions or other documentation on our site are not complied with. Players must not exploit bonus offers. If such exploitation is detected, the Casino has the authority to ban the Player from receiving any future bonuses and to invalidate any winnings accrued from bonus funds, during and after wagering.

Holding Back Payments

We retain the right to withhold payments if we suspect or detect manipulation of our casino systems. Legal action will be pursued against any user or accomplice involved in such malpractice.

Terms of Use

Financial Accountability 

By participating in our platform, you understand that there's a possibility to gain or lose money, and we hold no responsibility for any potential financial losses incurred.

Age Verification 

We reserve the right to request age proof from players and may restrict access to the website for those unable to provide this proof when asked.

Exclusion from Gambling 

You acknowledge that you haven't been banned from gambling or had an account closed by us for any reason.

Eligibility Criteria

To engage in games on our platform, you must have reached the legal gambling age as per the laws of your residential jurisdiction. It's your responsibility to ensure that your use of the website complies with the gambling laws applicable in your area.

Authentic and Accurate Information

Your Pokies74 account should be registered under your name, and all personal details provided must be entirely accurate.

Multiple Accounts 

By participating on our platform, you agree that you haven't used multiple accounts to exploit bonus offers. We might allow the usage of more than one account at our discretion.

Collusion Prohibition

 Players are strictly prohibited from engaging in any form of collusion, including the use of robots or automated devices to facilitate gameplay. We reserve the right to nullify any winnings if we discover evidence of such activity.

The Exploitation of Bonuses

Players are forbidden from manipulating bonus offers. If any such manipulation is identified, the casino reserves the right to prevent players from receiving any future bonuses and to nullify any winnings accumulated through bonus funds, both during and post-wagering.

When engaging with an active bonus, players are not permitted to use any strategies to meet the bonus wagering requirements. If the casino suspects that a player is implementing such strategies purely to achieve financial benefits through the bonus, it reserves the right to annul all the player's winnings.

Game Disruptions

In the event of game disruptions, players are urged not to take advantage of any unintentional situations. If such disruptions result in the loss of player funds or gameplay, our team, in collaboration with our partners, will investigate the matter and determine, at our sole discretion, the refund of lost funds.

While we aim to ensure all our games function fairly and smoothly at all times, should there be an unlikely occurrence of a game disruption, we will exert every effort to investigate and resolve the issue promptly.

Should a game disruption be identified, all affected bets will be invalidated, and the player's wager will be refunded. If a disruption happens during a bonus round, the round will be cancelled, and any winnings from the bonus round will be lost.

We encourage players to report any game disruptions promptly to our customer support team. They will probe the issue and take necessary action if required. We take game disruptions seriously and strive to ensure our players are treated justly and have the optimal gaming experience.

Withdrawals and Deposits at ThePokies74


To withdraw funds, log into your account and access the withdrawal section. We strive to process all withdrawal requests within 24 hours, but it can extend up to five business days depending on the chosen payment method. The minimum withdrawal amount is $20, while the maximum is contingent on the chosen payment method.


To deposit funds, log into your account and navigate to the deposit section. We accept a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers. The minimum deposit amount is $10, while the maximum varies based on the chosen payment method.

Customer Assistance 

Our customer support team is at your disposal 24/7 to address any inquiries or issues you might encounter. You can get in touch with us through live chat, email, or phone, and we aim to respond to all inquiries within a 24-hour timeframe.

Privacy Protection 

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us and we are dedicated to safeguarding your data. We gather information such as your name, email address, and payment details to facilitate our services. We ensure that your data will not be disclosed to third parties unless mandated by law.

Changes to Terms

We hold the right to modify these terms and conditions whenever necessary. It is your responsibility to stay updated with any amendments we make. If you continue to avail of our services following any updates to the terms and conditions, it will be interpreted as your acceptance of the revised terms and conditions.

Encouraging Responsible Gaming 

We place significant importance on promoting responsible gaming and have established measures to encourage secure and accountable gambling. You can establish deposit limits, loss boundaries, and wagering restrictions on your account to help manage your gaming habits. Additionally, you have the option to undertake a self-assessment test to check for potential gambling issues and seek necessary help if required.


By accessing the platform, you affirm your acceptance of the entire terms and conditions as outlined by If there are any uncertainties or issues, please feel free to reach out to the customer support team. We wish you an enjoyable and lucky gaming journey with us!